Living Creations - Mark
Bronze award - Living Creations
Bronze award - Living Creations

Living Cotton Cream®

I’m a compact plant with beautiful, small cream-colored flowers. I bloom several times during the season. I’m proud to have received a Bronze KVBC award.


100 cm wide | 100 cm tall

Seasonal Discoloration

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • 100 days in bloom
  • Winter hardy to -30°C
  • Easy to maintain

Hydrangea paniculata Living Cotton Cream®


Propagation is strictly prohibited!

Living Creations® protected plant variety EU2017/2177

100 days a year

I'll bloom.

Living Cotton Cream®

How to take care

  • Growing

    Congratulations on the latest addition to your garden! Your brand-new Hydrangea. Just take care of it and watch it flourish. We’ve made is super simple for you because Living Creations Hydrangeas are easy to maintain. With minimal care you’ll get maximum results. Check out these tips for getting the best out of your Hydrangea. 

    Group 58Created with Sketch.-30° Celsius winter-hardy

    Is it freezing outside? No worries. Living Creations Hydrangeas can handle super low temperatures. They’re winter hardy and can withstand even the most severe winters – they grow around the world and can even survive in Siberia.

    Group 6Created with Sketch.Grow in full / half sun

    Living Creations Hydrangeas love sunshine. Plant your Hydrangea in a spot that gets full or half sun and you’ll get amazingly beautiful colored blossoms. Plenty of sunshine will also help keep your Hydrangea nice and compact.

    Planting a Living Creations® Hydrangea
  • Planting

    Get your Living Creations Hydrangea off to a great start by planting them right. Be sure to plant them in moist ground. After planting, you need to cover the roots completely with soil.

    dimensionsCreated with Sketch.100 cm wide | 100 cm tall

    Within 3 to 4 years, your Hydrangea will grow to about 100 cm wide and 100 cm tall. The exact size will depend on whether your plant has been pruned properly.

    tileCreated with Sketch.2 Hydrangeas per square meter

    Do you want to create a sea of flowers in your garden? Planting your Hydrangeas at the right intervals is the secret to achieving this spectacular effect. If you plant two Hydrangeas on each square meter, you’ll get the perfect density for amazing results.

  • Pruning

    Perfect pruning is your key to glorious blooming. Prune your Hydrangeas once every year to get the most blossoms. Don’t worry, it’s super easy. Watch this how-to video to see how it’s done.

    scissorsCreated with Sketch.Early spring

    You should prune your Hydrangea in early spring. Insects love the plant and its withered flowers as a food source during the winter. So to make sure the insects don’t miss their wintertime meal, it’s best to prune your Hydrangea in early spring. 

    calendarCreated with Sketch.Proper pruning

    Want larger and more luscious flowers next summer? On super sturdy and standing-proud branches? Cut the Hydrangea panicles all the way back to get more vigorous new shoots next season. You’ll be blooming happy with the results.