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Our story

We’ve been putting our heart and soul into creating the perfect Hydrangea for six generations. Everything we do is focused on giving you the world’s best Hydrangeas. We never stop growing and keep reaching higher for even stronger stems, more colors and a long lifespan. In the field and in the lab, we bring our passion for Hydrangeas to life.

Living Creations Jacobus Schoemaker
Living Creations nursery in Boskoop
Living Creations Jacobus Schoemaker

It’s a family business

Our family tree is rooted in floriculture. Six generations of Schoemakers helped grow our company. Each carrying forward the quest for perfection. Today Alex Schoemaker is proud to build on the family tradition. With his vision, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, he is breaking new ground in developing the world’s best Hydrangeas.

Living Creations nursery in Boskoop

Born in Boskoop

Living Creations is headquartered in Boskoop, The Netherlands. It’s your picture-perfect Dutch village complete with narrow drawbridges, windmills and lots of nurseries. Boskoop stands in the heart of the Silicon Valley of floriculture. At Living Creations, we’re inspired by our community’s history of growth, innovation and sustainability. A down-to-earth small town with a global vision.

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Hydrangea paniculata (pluimhortensia) Living Pink & Rose

Long-lasting Hydrangeas

We won’t settle for less than the very best. 99% of what we develop isn’t good enough for us. Our focus is on that top 1%. Developing a new breed can take 10 years from idea to introduction. This quest for superior quality has resulted in the perfect Hydrangea - low-maintenance, frost resistant and flowers all summer.


Make love

In order to get that long lasting quality we started breeding young baby Hydrangeas. When the breeding is done right, everything else will follow. From the strongest stems to the most vibrant colors. All characteristics of strong-willed Hydrangeas.


Put it to the test

But how do you put your newborns objectively to the test? That’s why we developed a Test Centre. White coats and test tubes? Definitely not. Our breeds got tested on natures’ winds and water. We exposed them to freezing cold winters and the heat of summer.


Made it

After a decade of testing and reinventing over and over again, we ultimately found the best Hydrangea-formula for our first collection. We proudly present you the Living Creations® Collection. A range of strong and sturdy Hydrangeas which last a lifetime.