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augustus 08, 2022

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"Hi, I’m Katy. I live in a Georgian House in the English countryside. For the past fourteen years I have been transforming my walled garden into a multi ‘roomed’ garden space. I have multiple seating areas, patios, and water features, creating an interesting yet restful garden."

My greatest garden victory
"This is definitely building my outside room with an open fireplace. This enables me to enjoy the garden in all weathers and seasons, we even ate Christmas lunch in here!"

My most beloved garden moments
"My most beloved garden moments are evenings spent on the patio with my dogs, watching the sun set."

My fave Living Creations Hydrangea
"My favourite Living Creations hydrangea is Living Royal Flower. I love the way the flowers change from green to white then pink."

Best advice for other gardeners
"Developing a garden takes time, so enjoy the process."

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