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juli 12, 2021

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Glorious Garden Stories x Vas

Meet Vas a great garden enthousiast from London (@myformalgarden). His garden is totally symmetrical and properly mantained. It is his happy place. He likes to give plants as gifts to friends and family. So do invite him to your party.

This is me in a nutshell
“I’m a hairdresser and I run my own business. But above all I’m a keen gardener. I have been gardening properly for 10 years now. But, I have always loved helping my mother with her plants on her balcony in Greece. 

I have been living in London for 27 years now and for the last 3 years I have been working really hard on my garden, as when I bought my house the garden was so extremely unloved. Gardening for me is the best therapy especially during Covid when London was in lockdown.

When I started designing my own garden for the first time I decided to do a RHS course ‘how to become a gardener’. It feels absolutely amazing when your cuttings take and you can give plants as presents to your friends.”

Glorious Garden Stories x Vas

My most beloved garden moments
“This would definitely have to be when the bees start coming into the garden especially when the perennials are in bloom and definitely my all time favourite when my Hydrangeas are breaking dormancy.”

My fave living Creations Hydrangea 
“It would definitely be Living Strawberry Blossom, for its strong stems beautiful Panicle shape. And, I love the way it turns pink as I only use 3 colours in my garden: pink, white and purple.”

Best advice for other gardeners
“Take your time creating your garden. Use repeat planting and if you see a plant not doing well don’t be afraid to move it when the time is right. Before you start test the PH of the soil, then you can determine the plants that would thrive in your garden. And last but not least: buy more Hydrangeas. A garden should always have Hydrangeas.”

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