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januari 17, 2023

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Glorious Garden Stories x The Organized Homemaker

"Hello! I'm Claudia, grower of all kinds of things in Georgia, America. I have always been happiest digging in the dirt and will try to grow just about anything once. Gardening is my happy place and is what I turn to when life gets stressful."

My greatest garden victory
"When my mom, husband, mail lady, and even the UPS man take a minute to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden. It means I have created a place that allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed in the garden."

My most beloved garden moments
"Each moment I spend in the garden planting, weeding, and shaping the garden into the vision that I have for my garden. I also like to take Saturdays and just enjoy the garden. I take my tea there and walk around and take videos and pictures of my garden."

My fave Living Creations Hydrangea
"My favourite Living Creations hydrangea is Living Colourful Cocktail, without a doubt."

Best advice for other gardeners
"Grow what you love and what brings a smile to your heart. There is a tendency to conform to the pressures of others when gardening. Plant the plant even if they have been deemed old-fashioned, don't add the plant if you don't like it even if it's the latest trend. If it doesn't make you smile rip it out."

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