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juli 17, 2022

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Meet Casper and Naan, the 'dungaree podcast boys'. These Dutch boys are here to help you get the very best out of your garden. In their fun and easy-going podcasts, they share tips about increasing biodiveristy, DIY garden projects and much much more.

'Tuinbroekies' is a nutshell
Tuinbroekies is your weekly garden-adventure-podcast. Dressed in dungarees while enjoying a good cup of coffee (or a beer), Casper and Naan talk about their adventures in their backyards.

My greatest garden victory
"I, Casper, have transformed our neglected garden into a biodiverse garden paradise within two years. I fixed everything myself, with minimal help of professionals and without high costs. I have now written a book about it to inspire and motivate others."

My most beloved garden moments
"All day, every day! The realization that you have made something beautiful, something unique. A piece of nature. Every bee, butterfly or bird you observe is a reward for your work."

My fave Living Creations Hydrangea
"We love pink, so there are plenty pink Living Creations Hydrangeas to choose from. But if we must choose, we choose Living Pink & Rose, wow!"

Best advice for other gardeners
Just start today! Making mistakes is part of the deal. Designing, constructing and maintaining your garden is an adventure. Go go go.

Follow us, @living.creations and @tuinbroekies for more garden tips and inspiration.